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We are suggesting you to download Scrabble. This realization will give you an opportunity to play the set with your computer or with alive opponent. All you have to do in order to start the game is to download Scrabble and to install it at your computer.

Download Scrabble Game


Scrabble game has a virtual downloading analogue of well-known table game which is very comfortable when a player spends a lot of time in front of the computer. A comfortable user interface provides an easy game control. Choose your opponent which can be as computer as a real rival.

Scrabble has a game field with standard size 15 by 15 cells. Scrabble game's rules are quite easy and allow to participate even young players. At the very beginning each player chooses at random 7 letters. Each letter has its value which depends how often it is used in the words of English language. After this each player presents a word he is getting the scores for, depending on letters' arrangement on the game field. If the word is passing through the green cell, the value of the letter is doubled, if through yellow - trebled and if through the red one - it guarantees the trebled amount of all the letters of composed word. If during the game the player has used all 7 letters he has, he will get extra 15 scores. In case there is no possibility to compose the word from the letters being presented, one of them can be changed, but in that case the player looses his right to make a move and it goes to his opponent.

In version of Scrabble being downloaded, you can keep existing games and download those ones which have already been saved. Also you can install the game at your discretion. Choose an opponent, put the letters together and start the game. While composing the words, keep in mind colour cells and priority of the words passing through them.

Don't waste your time - download Scrabble right now and start the game.

download free scrabble


If the player succeeded in using all the letters while doing one move, he will get a bonus. While using all the letters during the last move and if the move is done with "unfull hand" the bonus will not be received.

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