Scrabble Game

Scrabble Game
Scrabble Game

Scrabble is known to every fan of table puzzles. This is uncomplicated game where the players have to create the words using letters collection and getting them to game field one by one.

Scrabble Game


The history of modern game began quite long time ago and was created by unemployed architect Alfred Mosher Butts. He decided to invent a table game the result of which would depend completely on player's mental faculties. Finally the mixture of anagram was created (placing the words in such a way so that the letters of one word are considered to be the beginning of another ones) and the crossword known to everybody for that period of time. Thus appeared the first version of Scrabble game which was brought to light in 1931. A new modified version of the game under the name "Criss-Cross Words" appeared 7 years later.

Afterwards a lawyer of one company bought back the rights for "Criss-Cross Words" and changed the position of prize cells. After this the game got the name "Scrabble" and its popularity was growing continuously. With the course of time he had to pass the game to the company Selchow and Righter. Later the game became popular all over the world and gained popularity among the fans of table games. Now Scrabble game (as it is called today) is known almost to everybody. There are on-line game tournaments and if you don't have constant possibility of Internet connection you can just download Scrabble and install the game at your computer. This puzzle was adapted for PC and got many varieties, but the point of rules of game and the point of the game itself remained the same.

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After each move one should take some new letters in such a way that their number should go to seven. Each letter has some amount of scores from 0 to 10.

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